We are currently working on courses which will be ready early next academic year.

After speaking to a range of schools in different situations, the following learning will be available soon:

How to integrate iPad technology into your school and classroom
The decision about whether to invest in iPads is a lot more complex than it may initially seem. Considerations which aren’t always obvious to schools include device storage and syncing solutions, the availability and application of software, how to help staff who are using these for the first time, and well as workflow issues.
The course will start with strategy, to help your school avoid the mistake of investing in something and then not getting educational results with it. We will also be able to show you the best ways to set up and use iPads for your use and then how to get the best out of them in staff and student hands.

Teach Computing with a Raspberry Pi
The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer, which has been designed to help teach students programming skills. These are low cost and extremely flexible, but will perform a different role from any computers you may have seen before. Discover how to get the best out of them, and to save a pretty penny on more expensive equipment in this course.


How to gain huge benefits from introducing your class to blogging
In the future our students will have to be confident representing themselves online. Start them on this journey by using a blog in your classroom. Blogs have a huge range of advantages, from giving students a real audience for the work they do, increasing their motivation to write, teaching students e-safety and responsibility skills in a real world context, to making international collaborative project a breeze. Find out what choices you have as a school or as a teacher in starting your blogging journey, how to teach students the skills they need to be successful and how to scale this up to every student having their own blog to present their digital work and reflect on their development.

If you have any areas where you believe we should be focusing our efforts please let us know by emailing enquiries@teachwithtechnology.net